Canadian UBB Protest February 2011

Late January was a heated time for the topic of broadband internet in Canada. The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission had proposed mandatory usage based billing after much lobbying by major Canadian telecoms (namely Bell Canada). This proposition was clearly in favour of the already highly profitable telecoms, and would have put significant strain on everyday Canadians and would have made innovation in Canadian industry nearly impossible.

Understanding the implications of this proposition, and frustrated by the situation I decided to protest. I was unsure that momentum surrounding the issue would last so I hastily put together a Facebook event promoting a rally. In under a week myself and a few dedicated friends were able to organize an event featuring the late Jack Layton among other Canadian politicians.

The rally was a success, bringing the attention of the media as well as politicians to the issue at hand. The behaviour of Canadian telecoms is still a major issue facing Canadians today, a behaviour that is observable in many other countries around the globe.




There's some really great coverage on here Calvin! You did Canada a great service by helping to coordinate this protest, and getting the word out. Thank you for standing up and speaking out :)