"Small Internet providers seek relief on pricing model"

"Small Internet providers seek relief on pricing model"

Let's hope that this inquiry request results in the CRTC forcing the major ISPs to lower their costs, instead of raising the tariffs for the indy ISPs. Canada pays too much for internet as it is, and the numbers provided by the major telcos in regards to the new capacity-based pricing model just don't add up. I just hope the CRTC will agree to look into it, and that it's met with aggressive commonsense:

"The country’s independent Internet providers are planning to ask federal regulators Friday to strike down a recent ruling that, if fully implemented, will see costly tariffs imposed by big network owners such as BCE Inc.

Though the group holds a fraction of the Internet market, it represents an important competitive check on major retail providers like BCE and Rogers Communications Inc. But in a forthcoming appeal to the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission, sources say the smaller group will contend it will be significantly weakened by the new pricing model, which was approved by regulators last fall.

The “review and vary” request will argue the new scheme unnecessarily inflates the amount independent providers must pay big network owners for access, while the rates arrived at by regulators demand more scrutiny."

"While the smaller ISPs have conceded to the “capacity” principle, the group, collectively known under the banner of the Canadian Network Operators Consortium (CNOC), says the pricing is excessive and threatens their business model. Moreover, the costing data given over to the CRTC is grossly exaggerated in many instances, evidenced by wildly varying rates asked for by some network owners."

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